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Do you love real estate investment but dont have the time? You can fund a project and get a huge Return-on-Investment in 3-12 months. Whether you are a real estate professional or not you can make passive income in real estate. Chose any of our available risk-adjusted uncompleted buildings and get started.

Real Estate Funding Platforms

Real Estate Investment in Nigeria

Real Estate Syndication

We structure deals to assist real estate investors to make passive income, make huge profit in 3 months..Read More »

Real Estate Arbitrage

Let your money work for you! make up to 20% Return On Investment in 3 months. This is a real investment where you have full access to the property..Read More »
Real Estate Investment in Nigeria

Instant Return on Investment

Make instant Return On Investment. We simply take the 5% commission normally paid to the real estate agent and give it back to the customers..Read More »
Invest in real estate in nigeria

How to invest with us.

Getting started is easy and you are in control. Our team can help build a portfolio, or you can pick individual assets to invest in. With both options, our investors receive asset-level reporting and potential liquidity. Clcik the button below to review real estate investment opportunities.
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